Bionex is proud of establishing strategic partnership with the following prestige partners.

Penn State University College of Medicine

Penn State Hershey Medical Center is recognized as one of the nation's premier academic health centers, recruiting faculty members who are internationally known for their accomplishments in research, education, and patient care. Basic and clinical research to treat and cure major diseases are supported by more than $100 million in awards from federal, state, and private agencies, businesses, and individuals. Bionex collaborates with Patricia Sue Grigson, Professor of Neural & Behavioral Sciences, on Drug Abuse/Addiction Research and were jointly awarded with a NIH’s R21 Research Grant (2014-15) to study a novel treatment method for Smoking Cessation Therapy, using Bionex’s proprietary Nicotine Orally Dissolving Films (ODF).

Center for Dermal Research (CDR), Rutgers University

The CDR will provide: 1). Professional development opportunities for its paid industrial members 2). Networking with researchers from industry and academia research collaborations with the Laboratory for Drug Delivery LDD headed by Dr. Michniak-Kohn. 3). Connections with other faculty & research groups conducting skin research. Bionex and CDR (Dr. Michnial-Kohn) work collaboratively on several NIH-sponsored projects on transmucosal drug delivery systems.

3D Biotek LLC

3D Biotek is a high-tech biomedical engineering company located in New Jersey, USA. Using its Precision 3D Micro-Fabrication Technology and Advanced Bio-Manufacturing Technology, 3D Biotek is a leader and the industry's only dedicated driving force in the research and development of novel 3-dimensional (3D) cell culture devices for stem cell/tissue engineering, drug discovery and broad cell biology applications. Bionex and 3D Biotek were jointly awarded with a SBIR grant, working on a bio-degradable drug-eluting stent program.

Novanex Inc.

Novanex Inc. is a development stage company pursuing a new non-invasive glucose-monitoring device for diabetes patients, using a unique metabolic heat conformation method. This method uses energy waves emitted by the body, including heat dissipation, blood flow, and local oxygen level to determine patient glucose levels. Dr. Tan is a co-founder of Novanex Inc. and is a share-holder of Novenex.

Medinovia Limited (Hong Kong)

Founded in 2014, Medinovia Limited operates its business with office/lab in Hong Kong and New Jersey, USA. Medinovia is an emerging international pharmaceutical development company with a mission to develop niche and specialty pharmaceutical products using innovative formulation technologies or delivery device. Currently Medinovia is developing innovative products for the fast-healing wound care products employing newly discovered efficacious molecules and delivery systems. These products seek to improve the quality of life for the patients who are suffering from delayed wound healing problems. Bionex and Medinovia collaborates on a product development program for a innovative wound healing delivery system.





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